David Fridolf såg en vit älg när han var ute på en joggingrunda.
Photos taken by David Fridolf, who spotted a rare white moose while out for a jog. Credit: David Fridolf/Private.

Rare white moose spotted by jogger

Game Manager: Like ghosts coming out of the forest
4:47 min

A jogger in the southern Swedish municipality of Laholm had a surprise while running along a forest path recently. David Fridolf told the local radio station in Halland that he was "shocked" to see ...

...a white moose, right there, pretty near the E6 highway. He took a picture, saying that otherwise he didn't think anyone would believe him, because white moose are a rare sight in Sweden.

Radio Sweden rang up Gunnar Glöersen, a game manager for the Swedish Hunters Association, in Värmland, where white moose are a little more common than in other parts of the country, to find out how rare they are, what causes their ghostly coloring, and how to spot one.

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