Ulf Kristersson, the new leader of the Moderate Party.
Ulf Kristersson, the new leader of the Moderate Party. Credit: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

Moderates make a comeback in latest poll

1:14 min

Sweden's biggest opposition party, the conservative Moderates, are doing better, according to the latest opinion poll from SVT/Novus.

Almost 21 percent of Swedes polled said that if elections were held today, they would vote for the Moderates. That's up about 4.5 percent since earlier this autumn.

Since then, the party has a new leader. A month ago, Ulf Kristersson took over from Anna Kinberg Batra. The Moderates' party secretary Gunnar Strömmer told SVT News that he thinks the party's rising popularity is because voters were tired of whining in the debates, and that Kristersson has struck a more adult tone. 

But SVT's political commentator Elisabeth Marmorstein interprets the upswing as due mostly to the departure of an unpopular leader. When Anna Kinberg Batra was at the helm, support for the party plummeted almost 10 percent in the space of just a few months. Marmorstein says it will take time to see what kind of effect Kristersson, himself, is having on the party's popularity. 

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