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Karla Kisso has a degree in banking and finance and has worked as a manager for a company. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
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Carla Kisso and Åke Larsson at Jobbpunkt Mimer in Västerås. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio

Carla Kisso from Syria is looking for work in Västerås

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Carla Kisso came to Västerås from Syria four years ago. She now speaks Swedish and is looking for a job, preferably in banking.

Among the people moving to Västerås from abroad are also those who have been forced to leave their country. Carla Kisso has just finished her degree in banking and finance at university, when she was forced to flee.

She has no experience from working in a bank, but she worked with her father's textile factory, which had 400 employees. When he died, she took over as a manager, while she was still at university.

But after being forced to leave Aleppo, and after four years in Sweden, her confidence has taken a bit of a knock. She has spent time learning the language, and given birth to her son. He is now 1,5 years old, and she is ready to start work. But it is hard to start again from scratch. 

Over the last couple of months, she has been attending Jobbpunkt Mimer, a corporate social responsibility project run by Västerås' public housing company Mimer, where Åke Larsson is a coach.

For over ten years, the project has been helping people who are new in this country to get onto the labour market, to help them find their feet, but also to act as a link to potential employers.

Carla Kisso is hoping to begin with an internship at a bank, so she can learn the systems used here, before she moves on to a real job.

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