Johanna Jönsson was one of the architects of the bill.
Johanna Jönsson was one of the architects of the bill. Credit: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Bill to end migrant worker deportations withdrawn

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New legislation that would have allowed the Migration Agency to extend the permits of non-EU workers who are currently being deported for their employers' errors has been withdrawn.

At the moment, non-EU workers whose employers make salary or insurance errors cannot have their permits extended – even if the errors are corrected later.

Just over a month ago, opposition parties announced a new legislative proposal which would let the Migration Agency be more flexible, and make overall assessments of each case. This was expected to bring many migrant worker deportations to an end.

Centre Party MP Johanna Jönsson told Radio Sweden that the Council on Legislation, a government body responsible for scrutinising new proposals, criticised the wording of the bill, and said it had been drawn up too quickly – meaning relevant stakeholders did not get time to give feedback.

There was not enough time for lawmakers to make the necessary changes before the 1 December deadline.

We’re devastated, we feel very hopeless at the moment.

A different bill, presented by the government earlier this summer, is expected to pass, but has faced criticism for being comparatively ineffective. Additionally, an upcoming court decision might set a new legal precedent, which could pave the way to fewer deportations.

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