Hanna Ilvespakka
Bad language: Hanna Ilvespakka is shocked by how much children swear. Credit: Jonna Berglund/Sverige Radio.

Swedish Radio project explores Swedes' everyday concerns

7:04 min

What does a hairdresser in Umeå have in common with a child born to immigrant parents in Rinkeby? They are all part of the 10 million people who make up contemporary Sweden.

Hanna Ilvespakka, who works at a school in Södermanland, is concerned about the abusive and offensive language used by her own children, and pupils at her school.

Ilvespakka is one of the many everyday Swedes you can hear in the prize-winning Swedish Radio Project - #tiomiljoner, (10 million) - that was launched earlier this year when Sweden's population hit the ten million milestone.

Hear from the head of the project, Helena Giege, to find out more.

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