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Supreme Court fines man for growing medical cannabis

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A man with a spinal cord injury who grew medical cannabis for personal use has been fined SEK 5,200 by the Supreme Court.

Since breaking his neck in a motorbiking accident at the age of 15, the man has been paralysed from the chest downwards. Some ten years ago, the pain got worse, and medical treatments were deemed ineffective. Following this, he started growing cannabis in his laundry room, which he ingested as an oil.

In 2015, Västerås District Court acquitted the man, explaining that he was in an "emergency situation" and was "thought to have tried everything healthcare services had to offer".

His case was then taken to the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm, which decided that the man's situation was not severe enough to justify his actions. He was handed a suspended sentence and fine of SEK 11,700 for drug offences.

Now, the Supreme Court has partially upheld the Court of Appeal's ruling. Though recognising the fact that the man was in an emergency situation, the Supreme Court explained that this did not mean that he was alllowed to grow cannabis. It did, however, reduce his fine to SEK 5,200.

But this does not mean that the man will have to stop using cannabis. In February, he became one of the first people in Sweden to be issued a licence from the Medical Products Agency to use medical cannabis on prescription.

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