Two violins, one white, one mahogany, next to each other.
The union wants all employees to sign a document to make sure they understand the rules on harassment and assault. Credit: Antonio Calanni/TT

Musicians' union draws up action plan on sexual misconduct

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After thousands of reports of sexual harassment across the culture industries, the Swedish Union for Professional Musicians (Symf) is proposing an action plan.

Jonas Nyberg, communications officer at the Swedish Union for Professional Musicians, suggests that although Sweden has a legal framework to deal with harassment and assault, this is not properly enforced in the workplace.

The first part of the Union’s plan is to make sure there are people that employees can go to for support, at all cultural institutions. These 'support people' would be there to guide survivors of sexual misconduct through the entire reporting process.

Symf also wants to make all employees sign a document to make sure they understand the rules on harassment and assault. "They should be informed that if they break those rules, they could lose their job," Nyberg added.

Finally, the Union wants to start making changes to music industry culture. "Some casting is actually done in the pub afterwards, and you can’t have it like this," he suggested.

We’ve started talking to employers about the plans, but it’s hard to be against a plan like this.

The Professional Musicians’ Union is currently in talks with employers over the final proposals, but Nyberg is fairly confident that they will be adopted. He also thinks these plans can be used in other fields.

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