Man in front of logo that says "Melodyfestivalen"
Comedian and author Jonas Gardell in front of the misspelt logo. Credit: Jessica Gow/TT

Swedish Song Contest accidentally went Swenglish

2:39 min

As the contestants for the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest was announced a spelling mistake turned "Melodifestivalen" into the "Melodyfestivalen."

When interviewed by Swedish Television, the comedian and author Jonas Gardell, who will be singing one of the entries this spring, laughed about the logo on display not saying Melodifestivalen, but Melodyfestivalen, as a kind of anglicised version of the Swedish music show.

But the long-time advisor and producer of Melodifestivalen, as well as the Eurovision Song Contest, Krister Björkman told SVT this was a mistake.

This week the line-up for next year's Melodifestivalen was presented. It followed the well established formula of a mix of old and new contestants, with:

  • Some of previous years' runner-ups (for example Mariette)
  • Some who are completely new to these types of TV-shows (for example musician Stiko Per Larsson)
  • Some who used to have a shining career on stage, but quite a long time ago (for example Kikki Danielsson, who represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 and 1985)
  • At least one who come from a completely different background (for example gastronomist and culture historian Edward Blom).

During six weeks in the spring - via separate heats in Karlstad, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örnsköldsvik, Kristianstad and Stockholm - 28 contestants be whittled down to to one, who will go to Portugal to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2018.

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