Most of Sweden's children attend a nursery school or "förskola". Credit: Hasse Holmberg/TT

Teachers to help children say no to unwanted touching

1:26 min

As thousands of people step forward to speak out about sexual harassment, all of Sweden's pre-school children are set to get teaching that will protect them from being a new generation of victims.

Vendela is five years old and she's been learning about what areas of the body are private. She uses kids' words for genitalia, and she also lists the mouth, the bum and the chest. Vendela says if someone hits her, she usually says "stop, min kropp".

Teachers in this school are using guidelines from charity Save the Children. The project is called "stopp, min kropp," or stop, my body, and gives teachers advice about how to talk to children about boundaries and their rights to their own bodies.


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