Dr Mats Lindgren, chief executive of Kairos Future.
Dr. Mats Lindgren, chief executive of Kairos Future. Credit: Richard Orange / Sveriges Radio

Swedish futurist: 'The space era starts next year'

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Forget Neil Armstrong’s small step onto the moon. According to Swedish future consultant Dr. Mats Lindgren, it’s 2018 that will mark the real start of the space age.

"The space era starts 2018," says Lindgren, who gave Radio Sweden his predictions for next year. "It didn't start in the 1960s. It's actually next year the big take-off will occur."

Lingdren, chief executive of the consultanting company Kairos Future, points out that at least two companies, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, are planning to send up space tourists in 2018, with the former planning to take them around the moon.

Sweden, with its Esrange launch site near Kiruna, could later become a launch site for space tourism.

"That would have a dramatic effect on the Swedish economy with all the industries connected to the space industry," he says.

Lindgren's other two big pointers for next year are the arrival of artificial intelligence in the Swedish home and the beginning of the end for the fossil fuel economy.

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