Statistics Sweden’s Party Preference Survey.
Statistics Sweden’s Party Preference Survey. Credit: Statistics Sweden

Opinion poll shows splintered political landscape

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A bi-annual poll out today on shows several chances for parlimentary parties to cobble together a coalition after the next general election in September 2018 but offers no clear winners.

The Statistics Sweden poll surveyed nearly 5,000 people in November asking them how they would vote if the election were held today. 

The poll shows the parties on the center-left and left staying slightly ahead of the center-right but doesn't give it a clear majority with which to lead.

The Social Democrats' level of support is at 32.6 percent. Its government coalition partners, the Green Party, dropped down to 3.8 percent while the Left Party rose slightly to 7.0 percent.

The Sweden Democrats polled 14.8 percent, a 3.6 percent drop from May.

The Christian Democrat party, which is a member of the four party Alliance (Moderates, Centre, Liberals, Christian Democrats) polled 3.1 percent which, like the Greens, is below the four percent threshold needed to enter parliament.

The survey had the Moderates, the biggest party in opposition, at 22.2 percent. The Centre party increased the highest to 9.5 percent while the Liberals fell to 4.2 percent.



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