Boy in the corner of a room, with his arms over his head.
Since 1979, parents in Sweden are prohibited to use any form of violence or humiliating treatment of children. Credit: JONAS EKSTRÖMER / TT

Minister says child rights are "Swedish values"

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New immigrants should get more information about "norms and values" that underpin Swedish society, according to the Minister for Integration, one example she mentions are the rights of children here.

In a debate piece in daily Dagens Nyheter, Ylva Johansson, the Minister for Employment and Integration said she wants to "strengthen" the introduction that new immigrants get when it comes to norms and values in this country.

In an interview with Swedish Radio, Johansson specifically mentioned the "far-reaching rights" that children have in Swedish society, and that parents, for example, have limited possibilities to dictate what the children should learn at school.

We spoke to child rights lawyer Pernilla Leviner who said much of what are seen as "Swedish values" are often universal human rights or in the UN charter of the rights of the child.

But to a certain extent, there are issues that can be seen as particularly Swedish. Listen to the interview to find out what they are.



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