Police in riot gear on the street, smoke and demonstrators.
Police in riot gear on the street, smoke and demonstrators. Credit: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT

Prison time for protestors at neo-Nazi march

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Eight counter-demonstrators received prison sentences after attacking the police in Gothenburg during a neo-Nazi demonstration.

The eight men were sentenced by a Gothenburg district court to between three and nine months in prison for violent rioting back in September.

The longest sentence was handed to a 19-year-old who, according to the prosecution threw stones at the police with the help of a sling. He was also convicted of attempted violent attack on a police officer and of breaking the law against covering up your face in public spaces.

Police investigations into suspected crimes carried out by the neo-Nazi demonstrators are still ongoing.

On Friday, 23 supporters of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, who had been suspected of violent rioting were however released for insufficient evidence. But another 8 to 10 individuals are still under investigatation for violent rioting, and another 10 to 15 neo-Nazis are suspected of not following police orders.

There are also additional investigations concerning incitement of racial hatred and crimes against public order.

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