Discount prices on meat
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Discount prices on meat Credit: Cecilia Bergil/Sveriges Radio
Extrapris på svenskt kött
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Extrapris på svenskt kött Credit: Cecilia Bergil/Sveriges Radio
Blond woman in a customs uniform.
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Wenche Fredriksen, head of customs in Svinesund on the Swedish Norwegian border. Credit: Cecilia Bergil/Sveriges Radio

Norwegian shoppers take "meat buses" to Sweden

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Price differences across the border has a million Norwegians travelling into Sweden to buy their groceries, cigarettes and alcohol - and meat.

"Pork ribs in Norway can amount to around 200 kronor a kilo," says Wenche from Åmot, who has traveled over 100 kilometres to the large shopping centres that have sprung up along the Swedish side of the border.

Here the ribs cost 29 kronor a kilo, in stores that organise free buses to collect the Norwegian customers and bring them over the border.

To find out why these bus rides are known as "Harrytur", and how much you are legally allowed to bring across to Norway, click on the link to listen.

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