New gender equality agency to tackle honour crime

2:48 min

Sweden's National Agency for Gender Equality will officially open on January 1st. One of its first tasks is to counter honour-related violence, says Gender Equality Minister Åsa Regnér.

According to Regnér, there are many organisations and agencies in Sweden with experience in tackling honour crime, but the new Agency for Gender Equality will gather all available knowledge and put together a prevention programme, directed at boys and men.

"Violence against women and honour-related violence," says Regnér, "are major social problems that ruin the lives of women and children".

Despite many efforts in the past, Regnér says, Sweden has not been able to tackle this kind of violence.

It was in September 2016 when the government announced its intention to launch a new agency dedicated to gender equality issues. The agency will be based in Gothenburg and will have around 70 staff members.