54 newborns at risk of contracting measles

1:31 min

Despite extra measures taken by Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska University Hospital to help contain the spread of measles over the past three weeks, a twelfth case – this time in a member of staff – was confirmed today. 54 newborns may now be at risk of contracting the virus.

The region's medical officer for communicable diseases, Leif Dotevall, told news agency TT that the case confirmed today is the twelfth in three weeks.

He also insisted that this was still a small number, and that the risk of contracting measles outside the hospital remains very low.

But now, Sahlgrenska has confirmed that the infected member of staff last week visited the hospital's maternity ward. 54 newborns, born between 28-29 December, have therefore been asked to return to hospital for preventative treatment.