Legal challenge takes aim as wolf hunt begins

2:38 min

Hunters have already killed at least six wolves in this year's cull, which began on Tuesday.

Wolf hunting is legal in Sweden and it is closely regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This season hunters can shoot up to 22 wolves though that quota is divvied up among five different counties in central Sweden.

But the hunt has always been controversial and the Swedish Carnivore Association lodged a complaint with the Supreme Administrative Court, calling on this year's hunt to be stopped.

This time, the group is questioning the environment agency's wolf population figures.

"The authorities base their hunting decision on numbers that include numbers that are already dead and we think this is absolutely weird," the group's chairman Torbjörn Nilsson tells Radio Sweden.

This season's hunt will continue until Feburary 15th or until all 22 gray wolves have been shot.