Debate on gender-separate hot tubs bubbles up again

5:29 min

After reports of sexual assault in 2016, the Eriksdalsbadet public swimming pool in Stockholm introduced gender-separate hot tubs. Now, the pool is being renovated and some local politicians want to go back to all mixed-gender hot tubs.

Bo Sundin, a member of the opposition Moderate Party on Stockholm's City Council, told Radio Sweden that making all the jacuzzis mixed was about equality. He thinks that most people want men and women side by side in the swimming pool - and in society.

But Niklas Pettersson, director of public swimming pools in the Stockholm municipality, told Radio Sweden that, overall, visitors had been supportive of the move to offer gender-separate tubs, in addition to the co-ed one. He did add that this decision is able to be reversed.

For now, the gendered jacuzzis are here to stay - at least until the next visitor survey in the spring of 2018.