Sara Danius wearing a pussycat bow blouse while walking.
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Sara Danius wearing her signature pussycat bow blouse after resigning on Thursday. Credit: Jonas Ekströmer/TT
A bow hanging from a window with a sign reading #backasara, or support Sara.
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A bow hanging from a window in Stockholm's Old Town with a sign reading #backasara, or support Sara. Credit: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Swedes suit up in pussycat blouses to defend Danius

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In a show of solidarity with Sara Danius, who was forced out last night from her position as permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, women have been donning blouses with pussycat bows.

Since Danius stepped down last night, women, including top politicians from opposing camps, have taken to social media with references to the blouse.

Businesswoman Jeanna Rutherhill was an early adopter of the hashtag. She founded a company to get more women into leadership positions, and told Radio Sweden why she'd taken part.

A few years ago, Sara Danius told the fashion magazine Elle that she started wearing her signature blouse while she was a professor of aesthetics, because she thought it would be kind of fun to dress up when everyone else was wearing jeans and t-shirts.

Some people, including men, have even been posting pictures of themselves with their scarves tied in a way that resembles the blouse, in support.

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