bakers in white coats work with dough on wooden counters
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Charles Lwanga and his colleagues are in the process of baking cardamom buns. Credit: Brett Ascarelli / Radio Sweden
cardamom and cinnamon buns
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Charles likes cinnamon buns (right) are his favorite thing to bake. Credit: Brett Ascarelli / Radio Sweden
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Charles Lwanga works as a baker in Stockholm. Credit: Brett Ascarelli / Radio Sweden

Ugandan in Sweden: work skills "start with believing in yourself"

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When you've moved here from abroad, it can take patience to find a job, especially one you like.

Charles Lwanga moved to Sweden from Uganda, nine years ago, for love. He says that finding work was a "long process", in part because of the language, and in part because he had no experience.

He got work in the restaurant industry, assisting chefs with prep work. But five years ago, he found his current job as a baker, which he enjoys. 

"Actually, the skills start with believing in yourself,"

Lwanga tells Radio Sweden about why he especially likes making cinnamon buns (more than cardamom buns), estimates how fast he can twist dough into the perfect shape, and reveals a hope for the future.

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