A poster calling for Maru's release at a rally in 2016.
A poster calling for Maru's release at a Stockholm rally in 2016. Credit: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Lawyer: Fikru Maru to be freed from prison within days

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The Swedish-Ethiopian heart surgeon Fikru Maru is to be freed from prison in Addis Ababa within days, his lawyer confirmed Friday.

Lawyer Hans Bagner says to Swedish Radio that they expect Fikru Maru can leave Ethiopia and travel to Sweden some time next week.

"We have been informed that the court has decided that he should be released, that decision shall be communicated to the prison authority, which will physically release him. It will happen soon, I do not know for sure, but I expect it to happen in the next few days," Hans Bagner says.

The 67-year-old Fikru Maru has been imprisoned in Ethiopia (the land of his birth) for five years, and has over the years been charged with different crimes, including bribery and corruption, all of which he has been found not guilty. A  terrorism charge dating back to a prison riot in 2016 was recently dropped.

"It does not feel real yet. What has happened is that he has been released from the charges. I have not been able to meet him yet," says Fikru's daughter Emy Maru to Swedish Radio. 

"I do not dare to be completely happy before I have him next to me outside prison," she said. 

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