Bodar står i vatten
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A picture of flooding in Ammer, in Jämtland. Credit: Emelie Salomonsson
Bild på Ammerån som svämmar över.
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The Ammerån, a river in Jämtland. Credit: Maria Salomonsson

Sweden basks in heatwave but flooding continues

3:08 min

Skies are beautiful and sunny throughout much of the country, but the warmth has brought a problem: flooding, after all the snow earlier.

There are flood warnings in effect from Uppsala and Värmland all the way up to the very far north of the country, and some of those warnings are severe. 

Radio Sweden hears from the officer on duty at the Swedish weather service, SMHI, as well as from two people who are affected by the flooding, interviewed by local Swedish radio stations P4 Jämtland and P4 Norrbotten.

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