Sweden backs EU efforts to save Iran deal

2:37 min

EU leaders met their counterparts from six Balkan nations for talks in Sofia while, at the same, they tried to salvage the Iran nuclear deal after America's departure left it on shaky ground.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven says Sweden stands behind the EU's efforts to keep the nuclear deal with Iran alive. 

Löfven told Swedish Radio News that the deal is incredibly important for European and world security. He also says it's important to discuss the possibilities for European companies doing business with Iran, despite the US threatening sanctions. 

At the summit, EU leaders also met with their counterparts from Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo, which may possibly become EU members one day.

Jasenko Selimovic is a Swedish MEP from the Liberal party who believes the EU should speed up its work to embrace the Western Balkans because if the EU doesn't act, many other countries will.