Moderates want to ban "morality police" in Sweden

1:29 min

The conservative Moderate Party wants to criminalize so-called "morality police" as well as introduce tougher penalties for honor-related crimes.

The opposition party presented its series of proposals at a press conference this morning. The Moderates said men who choose to restrict women's freedom in Sweden should be legally punished and, in some cases, face deportation.

We see moral policemen in streets and squares in order to limit women's freedom, control them, and report back to families,

It's unclear how widespread the problem of morality police is in Sweden, though there have been reports of self-appointed men pushing certain moral behavior or religious beliefs on mostly young women.

Tomas Tobé, the party's law and order spokesperson, said the problem exists particularly in Sweden's so-called vulnerable areas, places of high crime and poverty rates as well as segregation. He called for a survey to be carried out to see how widespread the issue is.

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