Marie Dasler and her daughter
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Marie Dasler joined the race based on her young daughter’s initiative. Credit: Mahitab Ezz El Din
One of the youngest race participants
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The “Little UN Race” supports the school food project. Credit: Mahitab Ezz El Din
Andrew Lowry
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Andrew Lowry finds it a good cause. Credit: Mahitab Ezz El Din
Ingrid and her 20-year old daughter
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Ingrid Eisengarten enjoying a shared activity with her 20-year old daughter Credit: Mahitab Ezz El Din
Lydia Andersson
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Lydia Andersson, “Run for Girls” project manager. Credit: Mahitab Ezz El Din

Protecting Ethiopian girls is focus of Örebro race

4:12 min

One-hundred-four runners in Örebro, participated in a charity project last weekend, to raise money to try to prevent childhood marriage and female genital mutilation among Ethiopian girls, and to raise money for free school food for children in extreme poverty.

"We tried to do some races . . . this was not the most popular. But it was good aim, so that's why we chose it," participant Ingrid Eisengarten told Radio Sweden.

There were two races: "Run for Girls" for adults to run in, and "Little UN race" for kids to participate in. In total more than SEK 17,000 was raised for the United Nations Association of Sweden's projects in Ethiopia. 

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