Swedish election voting slips
All parties have a list of candidates for the Riksdag. Credit: Pontus Lundahl / TT

Candidates with foreign background underrepresented

1:31 min

None of Sweden's parliamentary parties have a fair share of people with foreign backgrounds on their election lists.

Born abroad

Most of the foreign-born candidates for parliament are born outside of the European Union (EU).

  • Born in Sweden 
  • Born in the EU or Nordic countries 
  • Born outside of the EU. 

Foreign background

In the survey, a foreign background means one is born outside of Sweden or has two parents born outside of Sweden.

  • Swedish background 
  • Foreign background 

The average across all parties is just 15 per cent, despite Sweden in general having 24 per cent counted as having a foreign background.

This is a description for people born in another country, or with both parents born in another country.

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