A hand showing dried wheat kernels.
High temperatures and a lack of rain affecting crops. Foto: Björn Lindgren/TT

Government turns to EU commission for crisis money for farmers

3:36 min

The hot and dry weather is badly affecting Sweden's farmers. It is the worst drought in 26 years, according to the farmers association. The government is now stepping in to try to ease the situation, and is hoping for crisis money from the European Commission.

At a press conference on Monday, the Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht, said they are looking at a range of ways to try to help farmers through this difficult period. Some rules regarding harvesting will be relaxed, allowing farmers to harvest more fields earlier than otherwise. The government has also turned to the European Commission asking for early payment of some EU-funds for farmers, as well as special crisis money.

The chairman of the Federation of Swedish Farmers, Palle Borgström, told Radio Sweden that this is a worse drought than in 1992.

"If the drought continues, farmers will have to face the decision of whether to keep all their animals for the winter or send some for slaughter," he said.

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