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There is currently a complete ban on open fires in many parts of Sweden. This includes barbeques, campfires and grills, and can even apply to your own garden.

This is due to the extremely high risk of ground and forest fires breaking out across the whole country, due to the long period of warm and dry weather.

The ban on open fires means that when you are out in the forests and fields you are not allowed to light a campfire, barbecue or grill. This includes disposable barbecues, and camping stoves. It is also forbidden to light fires or have a barbecue at campsites.

In some areas, all types of barbeque are banned, even in your own garden, in others you are only permitted to have a barbecue on your own property if the grill is an electric one. Others still allow barbeques in your own garden as long as it is in a safe location where any flames will not spread.

Check with your local county board to see which rules currently apply where you live.

The evacuation orders have been withdrawn for parts of northeastern Ljusdal and part of Härjedalen, as of 10:00 AM on July 30. The decision means that residents of Kårböle, Lassekrog, Finneby, Gammelvallen and Degerkölsvallen outside the new evacuation zone can return to their homes. Road 84 from Vänsjö should be used for transport in Kårbole. Road 84 between Kårbole Östra-Laforen and large areas is still closed.

For more information see the Ljusdal municipality homepage and listen to Sveriges Radio P4 Göteborg.