Regions charge for compulsory psychiatric care

1:39 min

People who have been kept in mental hospitals against their will can end up with bills of tens of thousands of kronor.

When a person is over 20 many local authorities have a rule that they will be charged 100 kronor for each day they are in hospital. And that can include compulsory psychiatric care.

Anna-Clara Skogholt ended up having to pay 25,000 kronor.

She tells Swedish Radio that being held in medical care against your will is bad enough, without having to pay for what you are forced into.

Anna-Clara Skogholt is a leader of the Hjärnkoll association that works for equal rights in the workplace for people with mental distress.

During last year almost 12,000 people were kept in Swedish hospitals against their will.

The health authorities for the biggest cities, Stockholm and in Västra Götaland, no longer demand payment for compulsory psychiatric care, but Skåne, where Sweden's third largest city, Malmö is located, still does.

The other places where there is no fee for forced hospitalisation are Norrbotten, Kalmar, Jämtland-Härjedalen, Östergötland, Halland and Värmland.

This means 13 of the total 21 counties still do ask for payment.


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