Rare lunar eclipse visible tonight

Friday night will see a very unusual event in the sky, the longest lunar eclipse of the century. And it will be visible across Sweden.

The eclipse will begin at 21:15 over Malmö, as the Moon rises above the horizon. It will continue until it leaves the Earth’s shadow at 01:30 Saturday morning.

“Since the Moon is unusually far from the Earth in its orbit right now, it will appear smaller than usual, but will take longer to pass through the Earth’s shadow, which will make the lunar eclipse unusually long,” Robert Cummings of the magazine Populär Astronomi tells the TT news agency.

The farther north in Sweden, the closer the Moon will be to the horizon, making it more difficult to observe.

Friday’s full moon will be a “Blue Moon” because it will be the second full moon within a month. It will be a “Blood Moon” as well, appearing reddish from sunlight filtered by the earth's atmosphere during a total eclipse.

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