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The liberals say no to lower fuel tax for farmers. Credit: Montage. TT
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Jan Björklund, leader of the liberal party. Credit: Vilhelm Stokstad/TT

Liberals reject lower fuel tax for farmers

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The Liberal Party are against lowering tax on diesel for farmers. This puts them at odds with their partners in the Alliance opposition, the Centre and the Moderate Party.

Before the summer, the Moderates said they wanted to lower taxes on fuel for farmers by 50 öre per liter, which would add up to about 200 million kroner per year, to put the prices in line with other countries and to help them be more competitive. The Centre party has a similar proposal.

But the leader of the Liberal Party, Jan Björklund told Swedish Radio that would be completely the wrong way to go.

"No doubt the agriculture sector is in need of crisis support after this summer's drought. But to give that support in the shape of discounted diesel, which emits carbon dioxide, it's like shooting yourself in the foot, because the carbon emissions are likely to be one of the reasons behind the draught," Björklund told Swedish Radio at a press conference on Monday.

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