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The economic-political spokesperson, Elisabeth Svantesson (l), and leader, Ulf Kristersson, of the conservative Moderate party. Credit: Hossein Salmanzadeh/TT

Moderates promise SEK 50 billion towards "reestablishing social contract"

With exactly a month to go before general elections, the biggest opposition party, the conservative Moderates, presented their ideas for economic reform today, proposing to invest SEK 50 billion in "reestablishing the social contract" over the coming four years.

Ulf Kristersson, the party's leader, said "the core state's basic functions must start to work in Sweden."

The money would go towards police, defense, schools and care, and it would include SEK 20 billion for municipalities. The main government party, the Social Democrats, have also promised 20 billion in state funds to the municipalities, but the Moderates want to make half of this funding contingent on whether the municipalitie fulfill certain criteria. "We can't stuff resources into a black hole," said Kristersson.

In order to get the "conditional" portion of the state funds, municipalities would need to keep costs for social benefits down. Another condition would concern Swedish language for newcomers and immigrants. The party's economic-political spokesperson, Elisabeth Svantesson, said, "We want to raise the requirements when it comes to language. Here, more municipalities need to do more."

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