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Sweden is "biggest loser" in global expat survey

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Sweden experienced the most dramatic drop, falling from position 22 to 46, in the latest annual ranking of countries as seen "through expat eyes", published this Thursday.

This year's Expat Insider survey, which included more than 18,000 participants from across the globe (172 of them in Sweden), ranks 68 countries according to how expats experience life there in a number of key areas, including: quality of life, ease of settling in and working abroad. 

Sweden . . . has lost across all these indices of the survey . . . However, there's one area where Sweden does particularly bad - it's the 'ease of settling' in index,"

In this category, Sweden is in 63rd place.

One factor that the survey takes into account to determine the "ease of settling in" has to do with expats' experiences of feeling at home. In the area of finding friends, Sweden ranks next-to-worst, with Kuwait at the bottom. 

Sweden also ranks low (#58) in terms of how expats felt about their career prospects and satisfaction. But Zeeck says that the picture is not all negative: in terms of family life, Sweden ranks #5, "because people are really happy with the availability of childcare options." 

Sweden also ranks in the top 20 in the categories of digital life (#11), health and well-being (#16), and safety and security (#17). Also, while a larger percentage was happy with life in Sweden last year, the majority of expats (63 percent) surveyed are still happy here. 

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