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Jonas Ransgård, leader of the conservative Moderates in Gothenburg. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
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Henrik Munck of the Democrats in Gothenburg. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio

Gothenburg Moderates want new party to help unseat Social Democrats

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Gothenburg's new party, the Democrats, have promised the voters to stop the West-link train tunnel. But the Moderates believe there are plenty of other areas they can agree on, as a way to unseat the Social Democrats.

"Our promise to the voters is to stop the train-tunnel-project under Gothenburg. We are saying no, and these other parties are still saying yes. If we are cannot reach an agreement on that issue, then we cannot form a coalition," said Henrik Munck, who has been elected to represent the Democrats in the local assembly.

The Social Democrats lost two of their seats in the city hall in Gothenburg. Together with their previous coalition partners - the Greens, the Left Party and Feminist Initiative - they are now outnumbered by the Democrats and the Alliance. But the Social Democrat's communication strategist, Viktoria Tryggvadottir Rolka, says they are willing to talk to all parties in Gothenburg - apart from the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats - to try to form a new government.

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