A pile of paper ballots
The race is so close it could be affected at the last minute. Credit: Johan Nilsson/TT

Even race as final votes counted

2:09 min

Some seats in the Parliament have changed hands during the counting of the so-called Wednesday votes: overseas ballots as well as some remaining early votes. But the final result is still too close to call.

With a handful of districts yet to have their votes tallied, the result on Thursday morning was still almost even between the centre-left and and centre-right.

This means the Alliance parties are on 40.2 per cent, with an estimated 143 seats in the Riksdag, and the Social Democrats, their Green partners and Left supporter party are slightly higher, on 40.7 per cent, and so have a likely 144 mandates.

Some seats are reported to have changed hands, but mostly within the blocs: one from Social Democrats to Greens and one from Christian Democrats to Liberals.

The Sweden Democrats are on 17.5 per cent and an estimated 62 seats, after losing one to the Center Party.

We spoke with political scientist Sofie Blombäck to make sense of the proceedings.


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