Kristersson to meet speaker for government progress report

0:53 min

The leader of the conservative Moderate party, Ulf Kristersson, will this afternoon provide the speaker of parliament with a progress report on his task in forming a new government.

Last Tuesday, speaker Andreas Norlén announced that he had given the Moderate party leader a mandate to try to be prime minister, after holding a second round of talks with the leaders of the eight parties in parliament.

Kristersson was given two weeks to try and form a government and he has now reached the halfway point.

Kristersson could tell the speaker of parliament that he has managed to build enough support to lead a government, but it is more likely that he will say that he needs more time.

The Moderate party leader has said that he wants to form a government of the centre-right Alliance parties, and is seeking the cross-party support of the Social Democrats, the biggest party in parliament.

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