Politicians in Gothenburg announce a new ruling pact.
Politicians in Gothenburg announce a new ruling pact. Credit: Thomas Johansson/TT Nyhetsbyrån

Alliance in left-wing pact hope to rule in Gothenburg

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24 years of Social Democrat rule in Sweden's second biggest city could come to an end, after the centre-right Alliance has reached an agreement with the new left-wing bloc made up of the Left and the Green Party, plus the Feminist Inititiative.

The agreement is purely technical in that the left-wing bloc accepts that the Alliance is the biggest, ruling coalition, while they would assume the role as lead opposition. According to the leader of the Left Party in Gothenburg, Daniel Bernmar, this is a result of a lack of interest from the Social Democrats to negotiate with the parties that are now in the newly formed left-wing bloc.

"We have tried for eight weeks to get them to the negotiation table, they have refuges for eight weeks. Now the time has come to make a choice," Bernmar told Radio Sweden.

The arrangement means that the Alliance will be governing Gothenburg in minority, with less than a third of the seats in the city council.

 "For sure, it is a small number of seats for us. But the most important document for us here is the budget. And I can see that we have the possibility to govern the municipality by getting that one approved," said Axel Josefson, leader of the biggest Alliance party, the conservative Moderate Party in Gothenburg.

The Alliance in Gothenburg has 24 out of the 81 seats in the city council, while the newly formed left-green-pink bloc has 19 seats. With this agreement, the two biggest parties, the Social Democrats (17 seats) and the new party, the Democrats (14 seats), will end up in opposition together with the Sweden Democrats (7 seats).

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