A woman and another picture of people on the stage.
Left: a sign from the climate conference going on in Poland right now. Right: Karin Kali Andersson is a licensed psychologist who deals with people's anxiety over climate change. Credit: Janek Skarzynski / AFP and Joakim Andrén.

Climate change affecting people's mental health

4:39 min

Climate change is not only taking a toll on the environment but on people's mental wellbeing, as well.

People have been reporting a growing anxiety over the problem, even as world leaders are trying to do something about it, while currently gathered in Poland for a follow-up summit to the Paris climate agreement.

Karin Kali Andersson is a psychologist who specializes in dealing with worries over climate change. She says people often report feeling anxious, depressed, guilty, or angry about ecological degradation.

"It's really different for different people," Andersson tells Radio Sweden. "Some are having panic attacks and having trouble breathing when they think about this issue."

There are ways to overcome one's anxiety, Andersson says, and to turn it into a force for good against climate change.

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