A man standing next to a solar panel.
Anders Hellström is a sales manager at a solar panel installer. Credit: Frank Radosevich / Radio Sweden.

As subsidy dims, solar industry still sees bright future

3:34 min

Over the past decade, solar power has experience a dazzling pace of growth, thanks in part to government subsidies.

But the latest budget, voted through in December, is cutting that subsidy in half. The center-right budget from the conservative Moderates and Christian Democrats cut overall funding for the incentive, but sometime in January, a parliamentary committee will likely set the exact amount people can expect to be paid out.

Even so, the industry believes it can reach a place where solar panels can be competitive on their own. It may seem counter intuitive, but the Solar Energy Association of Sweden is actually calling for a planned phase-out of the subsidy. Find out why in this report.

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