Supreme Court

Sperm Donor Told To Pay Maintenance To Lesbian Mum

A Swedish man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple will have to pay child support after the couple split up and the mother claimed maintenance.

The 39 year old had taken his appeal all the way to the supreme court, where the judges said he was still the three children’s legal father and it was irrelevant whether or not he had been tricked into admitting paternity.

The man from Örebro had donated his sperm to the lesbian couple at the beginning of the 90’s. He claimed that it was never the case that he should take responsibility for the boys, but rather that the women would be their parents and he would meet them occasionally.

He told the court how, under pressure from the women, he signed a document admitting to paternity and shortly afterwards, the couple separated. The mother of the children then claimed maintenance payments.

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