Man, smiling at the camera, in a riding helmet, with a horse in the reigns.
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Norrtälje resident Marcus Westergren. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
A road where big trees have fallen right over it, now cleared.
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Many trees fell in Norrtälje municipality during the storm Alfrida Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
Two women in florescent vests by a table.
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Lena Hedberg and Katarina Pihlström are volunteering at Rådmansö school, to help people affected by the power cut. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
Two women in a school kitchen, facing the camera.
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Lisa Thorell and Laila Holmqvist have been without electricity at home for a week. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio
Man in a beard, outdoors, looking into the camera.
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Arne Eklund first thought the electricity would be back in a day. Credit: Ulla Engberg/Sveriges Radio

One week on, still no electricity for many Norrtälje residents

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One week on from the storm Alfrida hit the coastline north of Stockholm, thousands of households in Norrtälje municipality are still without electricity.

On Tuesday afternoon, an estimated 6,500 people were without electricity in Norrtälje. For most people on the mainland, the electricity is expected back on Thursday, but for people living on the islands off the coast, the electricity company Vattenfall said it could take as long as until January 18-25th before power is restored.

Radio Sweden spoke to some of the people affected by the storm on January 2nd. Arne Eklund first told his girlfriend, he was sure the power would be back the next day. Marcus Westergren counts himself lucky, as the stables where he has his horses, has had electricity all along.

Lisa Thorell has found cooking food without electricity the biggest challenge, but the portable camping stove has come in handy.

Lena Hedberg and Katarina Pihlström are volunteering to keep the local school in Rådmansö open, so people can come and have a shower and go to the bathroom, and perhaps charge their mobile phones.

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