Dock disputes ends as workers, employers reach deal

1:30 min

There will be no strike on the docks, as the port workers' union and the port companies have agreed on a "historic" agreement, meaning one of Sweden's few areas of labour dispute has got peace for a year.

Since 1972 when the dockworkers' union broke away from the big labour federation they have had no contract, and therefore been willing and ready to strike to gain better pay and conditions at any moment.

Now, with a deal signed on Tuesday, they are part of the traditional "Swedish model" whereby a union gets a collective bargaining agreement protected in law, but has to promise not to strike for the period of the agreement.

If a general strike had broken out at midnight it could have caused severe disruption for Swedish industry, especially companies like Volvo, dependent on the large port of Gothenburg where the dock workers' union is strong. 

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