The Brexit effect: uncertainty as deadline nears

5:14 min

Speaking at an event organised by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, British ambassador David Cairns recognises that Brits in Sweden are worried about a no-deal Brexit.

While the prospect of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal leaves companies that trade between Sweden and Britian wondering how best to prepare for a scenario for which there is no Blueprint, the Brits in Sweden now have assurances from the Swedish government. The EU minister Hans Dahlgren explains that British people living in Sweden on the day of the exit, will be able to stay on during a one-year extension. That should, he claims, give enough time to apply for residency status.

Swedish companies, on the other hand, are preparing for the worst. IKEA, for one, is stocking up on products at its shops in the UK in case of goods being held up at customs under a no-deal scenario. Meanwhile, shipping firm Stena has already sent its ships from ports in Hong Kong and Singapore even though they don't have the paperwork to dock at British ports, simply because there are no guidelines for documentation in place yet.

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