Political parties discuss returning IS fighters

3:30 min

Around 100 Swedes involved with the jihadist group Islamic State could be returning home.

Representatives from all political parties met in parliament, Tuesday, to discuss what to do with Swedish citizens who have returned home or will return after joining Isis.

While the government proposed an international tribunal to try the returnees, opposition parties criticised the government for taking too long to develop legislation that's tough on those connected to and involved in terror movements.

Interior minister Mikael Damberg of the Social Democrats defended the government's work on pushing through laws concering terror suspects.

The Moderates and Sweden Democrats want to strip returning foreign fighters of Swedish citizenship and deport them, and want the security police to be given bigger powers to conduct far-reaching surveillance work on terrorist suspects.

The government also says it's not in a position to bring home children of Isis supporters with a possible Swedish background, and will prioritise cases involving children that make contact with Swedish authorities abroad.

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