Homes evacuated as wildfires continue to burn in southern Sweden

3:54 min

An estimated 100 small grass or forest fires are burning in Sweden with and one of the most serious just outside of Hästveda in Hässleholm municipality, where some 50 people had to evacuate their homes.

The Hästveda fire started on Tuesday and covers an area of around 300 hectares. It is still burning, but not as intensely as before.

Fire fighters are working to build a cordon around the blaze to contain it, and then use helicopters to water bomb it during the day.

Residents who have been evacuated have been told it is unlikely that they can return to their homes on Wednesday, but at least it looks like no more people will need to be evacuated for the time being.

Last summer saw dozens of fires ravage more than 25,000 hectares of forest mostly in southern and central Sweden.