After low turnout, France prepares for EU vote in Sweden

4:50 min

The French embassy in Stockholm is encouraging its 6,000 or so nationals registered to vote in the EU election in Sweden to cast their ballots on May 26th, after a low turn-out in 2014.

For those choosing to vote for a French MEP candidate, there are two polling stations in Sweden, the French embassy in Stockholm and the French school in Gothenburg.

"The turn-out was very disappointing in 2014, it was only 13 percent. There are a variety of reasons for this," says David Béhar deputy head of mission at the French embassy.

One is that people tend to vote less in EU elections than in others, Béhar say. Also, after living in Sweden for one year, French nationals can vote for Swedish candidates, so many might find it easier to do so instead of visiting the French polling stations.

Béhar says they need to be very careful that French nationals do not vote twice for the same parliament. They will be cross-checking between France and Sweden authorities to make sure that people who are registered on both lists do not vote twice.

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