Deadly rivalries in Stockholm underworld mean more shootings

2:07 min

Police say criminal conflicts are behind recent shootings in Stockholm, which have killed nine people so far this year.

The deathtoll in the capital is much higher compared with the situation in Sweden's two other big cities, Gothenburg and Malmö, which have been spared of any deadly shootings so far this year.

There have been in total 30 shootings, 9 of which were fatal, in Stockholm this year so far. The two areas that have had the most shootings are Järfälla and Järva in the north of the city, where there are around ten groupings with ongoing conflicts, either with each other or within their own members. There's a similar pattern across the whole Stockholm region.

Swedish Radio spoke to a woman, whose little brother was shot and killed at the age of 18, along with a friend aged 20. They were both found in a basement last month in Sätra, southwest Stockholm, an area that usually does not have any deadly violence at all.

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