Possible limestone quarry expansion unsettles Gotland residents

4:12 min

The Baltic island of Gotland has long been a rich area for limestone. But recent efforts to develop quarries there has prompted many to voice environmental concerns.

Lisa Wanneby, who heads up a local chapter of the Swedish anti-mining group Urbergsgruppen, is spreading its message at the political event Almedalen in Gotland. She says more limestone mining would destroy the natural landscape and further lower groundwater levels on the island.

The group is particularly concerned about plans to expand a quarry outside of Klintehamn, a town just south of Gotland's main city Visby.

Daniel Juvél is the CEO of SMA Mineral, the company seeking the expansion. Juvél says they are listening to the residents' concerns.

An environmental court will consideration an application for the expansion in October.