Swedish town puts the brakes on electric scooters

1:03 min

The municipality of Helsingborg says it has reached an agreement with two electric scooter hire firms to severely restrict the speed limits of the popular scooters following a spate of accidents and a fatality in the town.

The municipality has struck a deal with the two rental companies, Voi and Lime, to lower the speed limit from the legal twenty to six kilometres an hour on pedestrian streets and in the city park, reports news agency TT.

Electric scooters for hire have been the subject of much debate in Helsingborg, which has seen a fatal accident and several minor accidents involving scooters in the past year. Criticism has also been directed at how and where the scooters are parked.

More cities are currently looking at the possibility of limiting the speed of rental electric scooters which have exploded in numbers in the past year.

Voi is looking at introducing restrictions in Gothenburg and Malmö.