Vandalism of Zlatan Ibrahimovic statue investigated as a hate crime

2:19 min

Zlatan Ibrahimovic today filed a "hate crime" complaint after being the target of vandalism and racist threats following his announcement of his part ownership in Stockholm football club Hammarby on Wednesday.

A statue of the player outside Malmö FF's football ground was attacked with white paint and flares on Wednesday while a racist message was written nearby. The word “Judas” was daubed across the front door of his residence in Stockholm.

"An investigation has been opened into vandalism and threats with suspected hate crime motive. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the plaintiff," a police spokesman told news agency AP.

Kaveh Hosseinpour, vice-chairman of the Malmö FF supporters club, tells Radio Sweden that he does not condone the acts of vandalism but says the statue is now a "provocation" to Malmö fans.